Other Audits

RVA Accreditation

HDANZ is authorised by the Retirement Villages Association for RVA Accreditation Audits with their members to the industry’s Code of Practice. The Retirement Villages Code of Practice 2008 provides residents and intending residents of retirement villages with better consumer protection in line with the Retirement Villages Act 2003. The Code of Practice took effect on 2 October 2009. It outlines the rights and obligations of retirement village residents and operators. It contains information that improves consumer protection, customer awareness and provides a minimum standard that all retirement village operators in New Zealand must attain, or exceed.

The Retirement Villages Association (RVA) is a voluntary association of developers, operators, and managers of retirement villages, and is committed to providing the best possible quality of life for village residents. The RVA audits its members’ compliance with the Code of Practice every three years. The audit is undertaken by an independent quality assurance agency such as Health and Disability Auditing New Zealand Limited (HDANZ).

For further information about the RVA go to www.retirementvillages.org.nz

Special Assignments

In addition to our sector programme involvement HDANZ is also to carry out one-off audit/review assignments. These are designed to meet a specific need that you may have such as to have an independent external assessment of key areas of service delivery.

Our experience includes but is not limited to the following examples:

  • Engaged by providers for service reviews due to HDC report finding
  • Primary health care evaluation
  • Maori health reviews with the involvement of Maori cultural auditors
  • Audit tool development

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how we can assist with your specific needs and requirements.