Because Health and Disability providers put a lot of time, effort and resources to meet or exceed relevant quality standards for certification or accreditation HDANZ has been searching for ways to help. onTrack is the result and it has been developed from our experience and practical knowledge of a wide range of specialist health and disability audit and certification programmes.

onTrack is a quality support tool that is securely hosted from HDANZ’s web-site. The key benefits of the onTrack web-based software are that this system is based on a philosophy of “Quality Improvement”, is easy to use, saves time and complements your own internal audit/review and CQI processes.


onTrack is made available at no extra cost exclusively to HDANZ clients. Please go to the Registration Request at the bottom of this page so you can receive access to onTrack.

How it works

The onTrack system is easy to use and accessed at HDANZ’s web-site via a log-in and password. We have developed the onTrack Self-Assessment modules to assist you to review important areas of your quality systems and processes against relevant sector standards and requirements. These are provided as a suite of modules that align with the standards which you are seeking to be reviewed or certified/accredited against. You are able to download and use any of the modules in your area of onTrack and you can do so as often as you like. The self-assessment modules vary in size and take about 15 – 45 minutes each to complete. They include an Action Plan format for you to record any NO responses and assign responsibilities and target dates for completion.

Summary of onTrack benefits:

  • It is easy to use and you are able to decide how best to use onTrack for your ongoing quality improvement.
  • You choose from a suite of modules to complete self-assessment tools and you are able to develop an action plan for the gaps you identify to work on.
  • Helps save time and reduce stress in preparing audits.
  • It includes access to other resource guides to support improvement.

onTrack is made available at no extra cost exclusively to HDANZ clients. Please contact us if you would like to know how you can receive access to onTrack to save time, reduce stress and support your continuous improvement. Also, learn more about how HDANZ audit and certification can support your service quality.

OnTrack Registration Request

If you are a HDANZ client and interested in using the onTrack system please complete the form below and we will provide you with an onTrack access link to register as soon as possible.

If you are not a current HDANZ client then you are welcome to contact us to provide a proposal for auditing services for your consideration.