The following information supports the delivery of HDANZ audit and certification services across our programmes.

HDANZ’s structure and processes safeguards impartiality. This includes that HDANZ certification decisions are independent and objective, solely based on the relevant standards, the objective evidence and findings of the auditors, and to ensure that conflicts of interest are avoided in all decision making.
Processes are in place to identify any conflict of interest in assigning auditors.
The company does not provide consultancy or internal audit services to providers.
An Impartiality Committee is in place that meets annually and oversees that impartiality arrangements in HDANZ are appropriate.

Issuing of Certificates
For audits conducted under the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001 the Ministry of Health issues the certification with those associated conditions.
HDANZ works with a range of health and disability services who we independently assess to recognised standards (refer to our programmes) and a successful audit results in issuing a HDANZ certification with conditions. Established processes are followed for awarding certification (or otherwise) following an audit for certification with non-Safety Act health and disability services. An implemented certification framework is maintained that includes conditions for granting, maintaining, extending, reducing, suspending and withdrawing certification.

Use of Logo
There are guidelines provided for the use of HDANZ certificates and logo. The HDANZ certificate provides assurance that the service is capable of systematically meeting agreed requirements of specified standards. The HDANZ logo may be used by a client to promote their certification status during the period that there is a certificate under issue. It is expected that these guidelines are adhered to and services should contact HDANZ if there are any questions of intended use.

Feedback and Complaint
After every audit, a written satisfaction survey is sent and HDANZ monitors the completed survey returns by programme.

Complaints processes are in place should a provider or a stakeholder have a concern about our services. HDANZ manages complaints in a confidential and timely manner. All complaints are forwarded to the Managing Director who records these in the HDANZ Complaints Register. An investigation is completed with an outcome of the complaint and response from HDANZ also recorded in the HDANZ Complaints Register. Aim to initiate the initial response to the complaint within 5 working days of receipt and to complete the complaint investigation within 20 working days. Complaints are infrequent but when they do occur are used as an opportunity to review systems and processes and make sustained improvements.

There could be an occasion where the service (client) wishes to appeal the audit result. Appeals usually relate to result of Certification or may also have to do with the Final Audit Report. All appeals are forwarded to the Managing Director who will investigate, discuss and confirm the result.

For the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001 the MoH makes the certification decision and if a provider is concerned about their result then they can appeal to the MoH. HDANZ fully cooperates with the MoH should they make any queries.