Maori Health

“Maori health and disability providers deliver services that target Maori communities and clients. They are also delivering services to the wider population and may also be delivering other social services like housing, budgeting, legal and environmental quality consultancy.

There are a wide range of Maori health providers contracted to the District Health Boards throughout Aotearoa. Maori health providers tend to deliver health and disability services to predominantly Maori clients although certainly not exclusively to Maori clients. What does distinguish the service is the kaupapa and the delivery framework which is distinctively Maori.

Maori health and disability service providers are as wide ranging as the diverse needs of their people. These include Kaupapa Maori services such as whanau ora, personal health, home support, mental health, alcohol and drug, disability support, advocacy support, and so on.

HDANZ is privileged to work alongside Maori services and provide auditing services in support of their kaupapa for achievement of certification with recognised health sector standards.

For audit teams in working with Maori providers, a two-person team would be the minimum and this would consist of a qualified Lead Auditor and supporting auditor (noting that either auditor could fulfil the cultural role). You have the opportunity to agree to the audit team and this includes confirmation of the cultural background and expertise on the team.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how HDANZ audit and certification can support your service quality in providing Maori Health services. HDANZ clients also receive access to our onTrack programme.