HDANZ Certification

HDANZ is accredited by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare Ltd (ISQua) to issue certification (accreditation) against the range of New Zealand approved standards and this includes the following:

  • NZS 8134: 2008 Health and Disability Services Standard (Core, Restraint Minimisation and Infection Prevention and Control)
  • NZS 8153: 2002 Health Records
  • NZS 8158: 2012 Home and Community Support Sector Standard
  • NZS 8171: 2005 Allied Health Services Sector Standard
  • NZS 8164: 2005 Day-stay Surgery and Procedures
  • NZS 8165: 2005 Rooms / Office Based Surgery and Procedures
  • NZS 8157: 2003 Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Sector Standards

Our formal Designation and Accreditation status enables us to provide independent comprehensive audits and certification (accreditation) that support health and disability services quality development. We are able to work with health and community services not covered by the “Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act” and to agree with them a package of Approved Standards that result in us issuing an independent certificate aligned with that specific health or disability service. Depending on the programme / standard, the outcome of this process is usually a 3 or 4 year certificate of achievement with a follow-up review (Surveillance Audit) usually at the mid-point until the re-certification. In addition, progress reporting occurs for improvements identified at an audit. Please contact us if you would like to know more about how HDANZ audit and certification can support your service quality. HDANZ clients also receive access to our onTrack programme.