Allied Health

“The New Zealand professional health and disability work force consists largely of three major groups: the medical professions, the nursing professions and the allied health professions.

The allied health professions each have a distinct, specialised body of knowledge and skills, and are actively working with people accessing health and disability services across a range of settings; working either independently, in private practice, or as part of the wider health team in public or private practice.”

The Allied Health Services Sector Standard NZS 8171:2005 is “the result of collaboration between allied health professionals (representing societies, associations and providers from the public and private sector), a consumer representative, Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) and Standards New Zealand.”

As ACC wanted to ensure consistency in terms of safety and quality, they contracted Standards New Zealand (SNZ) to develop a national standard for allied health services NZS 8171:2005.

Two audit workbooks for physiotherapy and chiropractic services have been developed to be used by providers and auditing agencies like HDANZ to prepare for, and to audit against, Allied Health Sector Standards.


Physiotherapy Certification

Having issued certificates for the Allied Health Services Sector Standard since 2005, physiotherapists can call on us for any queries or advice regarding the Standards and audit process.

HDANZ audit and certification is conducted in accordance with the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) Requirements to audit against NZS 8171:2005 Allied Health Services Sector Standards. The audit results in a 4 year certification with a 24 month surveillance audit. Conditions also include progress reporting if there were any corrective actions and an Annual Monitoring return in between audits. There are other auditing requirements for adding a site or relocation which we can fully explain to you.

We have the leading team of highly skilled and experienced physiotherapist auditors in New Zealand. Their role is to work with you and staff in a positive and supportive way so that the expectations of the standards are understood and the audit report reflects your service and achievements. Upon completion of their HDANZ audit and certification, physiotherapy practices are able to access ACC’s Endorsed Provider Network (EPN).


We liaise and maintain links with the New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists (NZSP) and keep up to date with current events that affect physiotherapy practices/business.

For further information about the New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists go to

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how HDANZ audit and certification can support your service quality in providing physiotherapy services. HDANZ clients also receive access to our onTrack programme.